Question #1 PEOPLE

Activity: Finding Your Purpose in 15 Minutes

To find your purpose in fifteen minutes it requires an honest and transparent self-examination of gifts, painful experiences and the environment. The following three questions help us to frame purpose in a way that’s easy to understand and implement in everyday life. These questions force us to come to a definitive answer quicker than philosophical rhetoric.


Text Box: Figure 1We start the activity by drawing a four-quadrant box on a sheet of paper ) that will serve as a conceptual framework to map out our purpose.


Question 1: Quadrant I (Top left Quadrant)

People- who are the people closest to your heart?


What is the community of choice that you most closely identify with and your heart feels compassion for. When you see this group in pain you feel their pain, as if it were yours and your heart spurs to help this group of people. The pain this group feels may keep you up some nights. Examples of communities of choice are:

1.   Handicapped people

2.   Elderly people

3.   At-risk youth

4.   Children

5.   Homeless people

6.   Orphans from third world countries

7.   Animals/ pets

8.   The environment, etc.

For this activity we generally define this group as the People we are purposed to help.


List this group or groups in bullet format in Quadrant I as depicted below. As you can see I have listed my People, or community of choice below. My first ‘community of choice’ is Lost People, which I define as individuals of all ages who have not yet identified their purpose in life, which prevents them from sustained fulfillment (for me, many times this represents young black men). The second group I have identified is Lost Organizations, which I define as organization’s experiencing mission drift or questioning their long-term strategic plan and usefulness to the community or marketplace.

Text Box: Figure 2

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