Learning Outcomes


This course is for faculty who will become licensed to teach the PurposeU Curriculum© at an institution which will or currently holds a license to offer the PurposeU(c) Curriculum. If your institution doesn't have an annual license please contact our office at (919) 484-1925


As a result of PUR1001 The Purpose U Curriculum Certificate Course, the behavior we want Faculty to adopt is a vulnerable teaching style which uses problem posing and critical pedagogy instead of the traditional banking model of education. Citations: Freire, P. (1970). Pedagogy of the oppressed.; Drakeford, D. (2018) Inclusion: The Art of Story-Listening.

PurposeU © Certificate Requirements:

1)   Finding their purpose and articulating it in a 1 sentence purpose-proposition statement

2)   Launch your own purpose-driven sole-proprietorship business or nonprofit organization (or modifying your existing one to reflect your purpose (if it does not already)

3)   Teaching with vulnerability: able to share your personal pain with students and how it relates to your purpose and the people you want to help

4)   Becoming familiar with the literature: 1) Finding Your Purpose in 15 Minutes,2) Starting Your Business From the Unemployment Line, 3) Fundraising for Nonprofits, 4) P5 The Five Secrets to Successful Grant and Bid Proposals, and 5) Inclusion: the Art of Story Listening.

*To become certified you are required to do at least 1 in-person group training after you have completed this course. This 30-60 minute one-on-one coaching session and exam with the PurposeU team assures a quality student experience with the use of the PurposeU curriculum Schedule a coaching session. HERE


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